The policy of the school is that pupils should wear school uniform. This is based on the belief that school uniform, among other things, provides a corporate sense of identity. Children are expected to be well presented. For hygiene reasons long hair must be tied back. Artificially coloured hair, beaded braids and gelled styles are inappropriate.
Our uniform style is available through general outlets and chain stores. Our Online School Uniform Supplier  'Mapac' sell our branded uniform can be found via the link at the bottom of this page.
Second hand uniform is also available via the school office (0121 354 6270)- Please ask us !!

Our uniform is as follows:


Royal blue v-neck sweater

School tie

Pale blue shirt or blouse

Grey trousers or Grey skirt/pinafore

Sensible black shoes



Pale blue polo-shirt

Blue/white dress

Grey trousers or shorts

 PE Uniform 

Our PE uniform is as follows:


Plain royal blue t-shirt

Plain black shorts

Indoor black pumps

PE socks

Plain black / blue (without logo) tracksuit

The children may wear non-slip trainers for outdoor lessons on the playground or, for example, cross country. During Junior Outdoor games lessons, pupils are allowed to wear ‘Team’ football/rugby kits.

It is of great assistance if your child’s name is in every article of clothing. This can avoid mix-ups and prevent children from becoming unnecessarily upset. It is expected that the children will wear uniform at all times. If this causes a problem, please consult with the Principal.