Mission Statement and Aims

To follow in Jesus’ footsteps caring for each other when we work, play and pray’

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School aims to be a positive force within the Catholic Church inspired by the life of Christ in the Gospels.

  • Our school is committed to the widest and fullest education of all pupils in a partnership between home, school, parish and community.
  • Our school aims to create a happy, ordered environment where all members feel secure, valued and respect each other.

 Aims of the School

We believe that people learn best in different ways. At St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School we provide a rich and varied learning environment that allows children to develop their skills and abilities to their full potential.

Our School aims through the values of the Gospel to provide the highest standard of education by:

  • Living the Mission Statement through our Caring Code and providing equality of opportunity.
  • Providing a Catholic Christian setting in which children can become confident, resourceful, enquiring and independent learners.
  • Fostering a growth of commitment to the love and service of Christ through the teaching and practices of the Catholic Church.
  • Promoting respect and understanding of other cultures and religions.
  • Recognising that parents are the prime educators and encouraging a close partnership between home and school.
  • Educating the whole child to become happy, confident, caring responsible future citizens.
  • Providing a broad balanced National Curriculum underpinned by the Catholic Ethos.
  • Encouraging high standards of behaviour and all-round achievement for each child.
  • Setting targets to enhance the quality of teaching and learning.
  • Working in partnership with the Parish, local community and industry to develop an understanding of the wider world.

Our Mission Statement and Aims underpin every aspect of day-to-day life in our school community. To help achieve these aims our school offers a happy, safe and welcoming atmosphere.

Children are encouraged to learn through first-hand experience in a stimulating environment. Staff development is a priority, and the school boasts a highly professional team with considerable expertise.

Our Academy Committee commit themselves to supporting the development of our school.



At St Joseph’s, we aspire to ensure we harness skills within our children that allows them to go out into life in Modern Britain and become an activist for transformational change.

Here is our vision of what all stakeholders of the school believe a ‘St Joseph’s Child’ represents:

 As a faithful child I will:

  • always be hopeful and faith-filled.
  • show love and compassion to others.
  • ensure my actions are both active and curious.
  • always be generous and grateful.
  • endeavour to be eloquent and truthful.
  • ensure my behaviours are both attentive and discerning.
  • allow my thoughts to be both learned and wise.
  • reflect on what it is like to be prophetic and intentional.

 As a resilient child I will:

  • always try my hardest and persevere in all aspects of life.
  • identify what the right choices are to make.
  • manage distractions that will stop me achieving my best.

 As a reciprocal child I will:

  • collaborate with others to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.
  • listen to others, show empathy and have respect for others even if I don’t agree with their opinion.
  • try and have a positive impact on other people’s lives (interdependence).
  • show respect and be polite when communicating with others online.

 As a resourceful child I will:

  • make links between my behaviour and the behaviours of Christ.
  • challenge myself to maximise my potential.
  • capitalise on all the opportunities presented to me by God.