Helpful Web links


Helpful Web links
Here are some other websites that are interesting or relevant to us here at St Joseph’s.
Birmingham Catholic Primary Partnership - the purpose of the BCPP is to promote curriculum and professional development, thereby enhancing the quality of teaching and learning in all Catholic primary schools in Birmingham.
CAFOD – the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development, one of our supported charities that we regularly support.
Father Hudson’s Society - the social care agency working within the Catholic Archdiocese of Birmingham, reaching out to those in the greatest need.
McCrimmon Publishing Company Ltd - a UK based, family-run publishing company, specialising in music and liturgical publications for the Christians of all denominations.
Alton Castle – Alton Castle is a Roman Catholic children’s charity offering courses in personal, spiritual and social development to young people from schools and groups.
The Animal Man – a natural history lecture service, who visit schools providing lectures on wild animals and their ecology.
Bishop Walsh Catholic School – a Performing Arts and Mathematics and Computing College and Sixth Form Centre.
St John Paul II Multi Academy - the Multi Academy Company that St Joseph's Catholic Primary School is part of.