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The Foundation Stage Curriculum

What your Child will learn in the Foundation Year.

As part of a Catholic community, we involve the children in a variety of religious and cultural events appropriate to their age and development. The curriculum is based on seven areas of learning carried out in holistic topic based programmes. These specify goals for children’s learning on entering compulsory education.
Prime areas:
Communication and Language develops skills in listening, attention, understanding and speaking
Physical development Helps children develop physical control, mobility (different ways of moving around), awareness of space and manipulative skills (ability to handle a range of objects both indoors and outdoors).  It includes development of fine motor skills, including scissor and pencil control.  It also includes health and self-care.
Personal, Social and Emotional Development Focuses on children learning how to work, play and cooperate with others, and mix in a group other than their family. It encourages children to have self-awareness and self-confidence, and to manage their feelings and behaviour.
Specific areas:
Literacy Develops skills in reading and writing. The literacy programme is closely linked to that of the school, and includes a programme of synthetic phonics.
Mathematics Develops counting and ordering with numbers up to 20, calculation skills and problem solving.  In addition it includes activities to build children’s understanding of shape, space and measures.
Understanding the World Encourages knowledge and understanding of the children’s immediate environment, and past and present events in their own lives and those of other people and communities. Children have ‘hands on’ experience of a range of ICT.
Expressive Arts and Design Focuses on how children’s imagination develops and encourages their ability to communicate and express their ideas and feelings in creative ways. Art, music and imaginative play are regular features of the curriculum.
Working in small groups also helps them to develop social skills and to make new friends.
Find out what Early Years Foundation Stage are studying over the year:
Dear Parents,
Please find attached a Phonics powerpoint, delivered by the Foundation Year Teachers. This will give you a better understanding of how we teach Phonics here at school and show how you can help at home.
Many Thanks,
The Foundation Years Team