We encourage pupils to take part in the welfare and running of the school and believe that offering responsibilities to them is an important part in developing them for the future.

School Council

The School Council meet every two weeks and is the voice of the children within our school. We are working hard to ensure that the UNICEF rights are met in school for the children by us all acting as a UNICEF steering group.
This year we have been fortunate enough to buy some new playground equipment of which the children will be able to use during playtimes.
The School Council will be setting up a rota to ensure that our school is kept tidy.  They will also be working closely within the local community to establish as a school initiatives to support our community through food hampers, Christmas Presents for children and other activities throughout the year.

We are entering the Signet Play playground marking hopscotch competition.


House Groups and House Points

In each year group, the classes are divided into four groups and are put into houses. During the Summer term of 2022, Year Six conducted some research and decided upon a choice of new house team names for each group. Year Six House Captains presented an assembly to the whole school explaining the importance of the saints that had been chosen.

The new team names for our house groups are as follows:

Yellow – St John

Green – St Matthew

Red – St Luke

Blue – St Mark

Pupils have to demonstrate good behaviour and manners and be hard-working and polite to earn house points for themselves and their team.

All children start the year on the bronze award, which the children complete by earning 20 house points. Once a child has achieved their bronze award, they are congratulated in assembly, receive a certificate to celebrate their achievement and then move on to the silver award. To achieve the silver award, children need to receive 40 house points, before moving onto the gold award, which requires another 60 house points. Those children who finish their gold award receive a certificate and a gold badge! Pupils then move on to the prize award – if children earn a further 100 house points before the end of the school year, they will receive a special prize!

In addition, at the end of each term, M Lynch counts up the number of awards achieved in each house and reveals the winning house group in assembly. When the winner is finally announced, the two House Captains in Year Six come and collect the trophy with their colour ribbon on the handles.

Each year, the Year Six children volunteer to represent their house as their captain. After giving an inspirational and persuasive speech explaining why they should represent their house, the children vote and two captains for each house are elected.

This year, the children are organising and leading a house assembly each half term where all of the children in each house come together and learn a bit more about their house group focus and an aspect of our faith.


Year 6 pupils also embark on many other duties to help the smooth running of the school these are carried out on a rota/volunteer basis and include:

Library Monitors: who use the ICT login system to scan and shelve the returned books, they also tidy and re order the displays and maintain the books in the Dewy system and A-Z of authors.

Assembly Monitors: who are responsible for putting away the benches and chairs at the end of assemblies and masses.

Foundation, KS1 and KS2 Monitors: who often go to the teachers during their playtime and lunchtime to help them with any jobs that need doing.

Computer Monitors: who are responsible for operating any PowerPoint presentations during assemblies and masses. The Year 6 children also have two buddies in the foundation classes, ensuring that they are happy during their first year at St Josephs. The year 6 children are excellent role models for their buddies!