The teachers at St Joseph’s understand the value PE plays in both pupil’s physical and mental health. We want children to develop a love of physical exercise and sport which will stay with them throughout their lives.

Our aim is for all our pupils, particularly those with SEND and who are socially disadvantaged to follow active and healthy lifestyles; as well as develop their cognitive, emotional, moral, and social values. We believe that active and regular engagement in physical education can develop key aspects such as: confidence, resilience, teamwork, performance skills and fitness, which impact positively upon physical and mental wellbeing.

We provide staff with training and resources to carry out effective teaching of P.E including CPD from specialists who are experts in a particular sport.

Our children are taught the Key PE knowledge Categories which are:

  •          Developing tactics and strategies
  •          Developing movement across a range of sports
  •          Understanding the importance of Personal and Social aspects in sport
  •          Developing their leadership
  •          The relevance of P.E. to a healthy life-style
  •          The importance of safety aspects of P.E.


PE in our EYFS supports our children to gain the skills to throw, catch, roll, kick, jump and skip in addition to many other skills which are covered within our PSED area of learning, for example: team work, taking turns and creating rules. Our PE lessons help the children to work towards their early learning goal in Physical Development, this is supported by gross motor and fine motor activities throughout the week and opportunities to ride bikes and scooters to continue to build this strength.

From Year One upwards, we use the PE Hub as a cohesive scheme of work addressing the statutory aspects of the National Curriculum. As a school, we believe in delivering fun and engaging lessons which help to raise standards and allow all pupils to achieve their full potential.


Progress is measured through regular teacher assessments. These tasks take place at the end of each unit of work taught helping to inform Assessment for Learning. In order to continually develop our teaching, we use pupil voice questionnaires to gain a better understanding of our children's enjoyment and engagement of their P.E lessons.

Facilities and Sports Competitions

The school benefits from a large, well equipped hall, two large playing fields (one of which includes a Daily Mile Running Track) and a playground hard surface area which are used extensively by the children.

The school competes at inter school level in competitions between the other primary schools in the Local Sutton area and the Catholic Network of schools. Some of these sporting events include: Football, Netball, Athletics, Chess, Swimming and Tag Rugby.