School Dinners

At St Joseph’s we encourage children to drink plenty of water and encourage the eating of fruit at breaktimes.

All children are encouraged to bring their own bottle of water into school daily. They have access to drinks during break times and lesson times. Children are able to re-fill their bottles with water during the school day from our classroom installed filtered water taps.

All drinking bottles must be plastic and of the maximum size of 33cl.

Key Stage 1 children receive a piece of fresh fruit daily provided by the Governments free fruit scheme.

Please note that sweets are not allowed in school unless sanctioned by a teacher for a special occasion. We do not allow the children to eat chocolate bars or crisps, fizzy drinks and gum are never permitted. We aim to be a Healthy School.

Our School Dinner menus operate on a three-week cycle. The menus can be read below:
W/b- 23rd October- Week1
W/b- 6th November- Week 2
W/b- 13th November- Week 3
W/b- 20th November- Week 1
W/b- 27th November- Week 2
W/b- 4th December- Week 3
W/b- 11th December- Week 1
W/b- 18th December- Week 2
W/b- 8th January 2024- Week 3
W/b- 15th January- Week 1
W/b- 22nd January- Week 2
W/b- 29th January- Week 3
W/b- 5th February- Week 1
W/b- 12th February- Week 2
W/b- 19th February- Week 3