Welcome to St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School.

We are an oversubscribed one-form entry Catholic School which serves the two Catholic Parishes of Sacred Heart, Four Oaks and Holy Trinity, Sutton Coldfield.

The school itself is located in the residential area of Sutton Coldfield close to the north-east boundary of Birmingham.

We aim to give all our children an enjoyable education during their years from Foundation to Year 6.

We were recognised by the DCFS in the year 2000 and 2002 for an Excellence Award, and in 2001 the LEA gave the school an Achievement Award for Excellence.

Our school was judged by Ofsted as ‘Outstanding’. The report includes: St Joseph’s Primary School is an outstanding school. It is exceptionally well led and managed and enables its pupils to achieve excellent outcomes. Consequently, the school gives outstanding value for money.

An excerpt taken from the Inspectors letter to the children: “Thank you for the welcome we experienced when we inspected your school recently. We enjoyed meeting and talking to you in lessons and in the group discussions. Your views were really helpful and it was clear that you are very proud of your school. Your pride is well deserved because you go to an outstanding school. You all make good progress and the standards in your school work by Year 6 are much higher than those found in many other primary schools. These have improved greatly over the last three years and standards are high again this year. Those of you who receive extra support because you find learning more difficult make good progress as well. We noticed you have a sensible and mature approach to school life, that you enjoy school a great deal and behave exceptionally well. Adults make sure that the school is a very safe and pleasant place for you to attend each day. The school is exceptionally well led and managed and the headteacher and his staff are always looking for ways to improve it even more.”

The School achieved the Sports Active Mark in 2008 and FMSis standard March 2009.

Our website gives a brief insight into the wonderful work and experiences that the children encounter whilst at St Joseph’s.

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